The Nauseating Nature of Online Communication | “No Mutuals” by Fake Fruit


Mason Vore, Malcom in the Middle Fanatic

Anchored by a playful quiver of intoxicating chords, San Francisco based indie-rock band Fake Fruit karate kicks open their new self-titled album with the track “No Mutuals.” It’s a jangly, post-punk track taking aim at the nauseating nature of online communication—and it’s nothing but fun.



Their Bandcamp bio confirms the influence of “Pink Flag era Wire, Pylon, and Mazzy Star” utilized to “expound on the absurdity of modern life.” Danceable but distressing, “No Mutuals” is an urgent song built on the balance of vocalist Hannah D’amato’s punchy delivery with the guitarplay of D’amato and lead guitarist Alex Post.  

The dizzying observations peppered in the lyrics play with the upbeat instrumentation for a refreshing under-three-minute tune. Fake Fruit’s sound includes the arena-rock glam of Cheap Trick and pairs it with fuzzier sounds and more on-edge lyrics. This combination gives “No Mutuals” a buzz that’s instantly alluring and is a perfect example of what makes this debut album thrilling.