Comeback | “I Got Love” by Mother Mother


Tasia Bass, Writer/Volunteer

Canadian indie rock band Mother Mother has been around since 2005, but over the past year, the band has become viral stars on TikTok. With over 1.6 million followers, decade-old songs from the band have become a staple for many TikTok challenges and trends. Yet, the band hadn’t released any new music since 2018, so it was a happy surprise when the band released the two new songs “I Got Love” and “Stay Behind” last Friday.

“I Got Love” is reminiscent of older Mother Mother songs, like “Hayloft” and “Body,” with a strong beat and catchy tune. It’s a song that recognizes that sometimes the love of the people in our lives is the most powerful thing in the world. Even when we are at our lowest, we have the love of our friends and family to get us through those hard times. 



On Monday, the band posted on their Twitter account that they are accepting 30-second fan videos to incorporate into the song’s music video. Anyone interested can submit their video on their website



“I Got Love” is a fun song to enjoy and remember the good things in our lives. While they have yet to mention it, hopefully this is the beginning to a new album from them.