Impact Mixtape | “21” by Abbi Wynsma


Abbi Wynsma, Audio Engineer


As of March 8, I will have rotated around the sun 21 times. Throughout these rotations, I have gone through an emo phase, an “I can’t believe you don’t know who the Stones are” phase, a Beyonce-only phase (still in it) and countless other periods in my life that musically spoke to wherever I was in that moment. This playlist encapsulates songs I always go back to, no matter what phase of my life I’m in.

Some of the songs inspired me, some got me through heartbreak, others motivated me to follow my dreams and a few of them just sound so damn good that I can’t forget about them. Maybe you’ll dance, maybe you’ll cry, but no matter what emotions show up, I hope you take a minute to sit with them and accept them as they are. 

Here’s to many more dances around the sun (please, I’ve got so many things to check off my bucket list).