The State – 3/9/21

Lacie Hudson

MORE IN PERSON CLASSES TO BE OFFERED COME FALL SEMESTER 2021 – Wendy Guzman: Good news Spartans! Fall semester 2021 might look a lot different for students with 75% of classes being held in person. Some classes will be a hybrid format while some will be online especially ones that would typically be in a large lecture. First year students will have the opportunity to live on campus and others will be able to as well if there is room. Fans can also expect to be able to be back in the stands if guidelines and procedures follow through.

NEW BROAD ART MUSEUM EXHIBIT – Jared Ramsey: Need an art trip? Well the Broad Art Museum has a new exhibit that opened up on Feb. 20th called “24/7: Art + Labor Around the Clock.” The exhibit’s focus is on society, modern art and the never ending work cycle between the two. People with interest will be able to go view the exhibit until Aug. 22nd, the exhibit is located in the lower level of the museum. With over 30 pieces being featured, the majority medium presented is photography.

Jayna Bardahl: Two words helped lead MSU to beating in-state rival Michigan this past Sunday with the score being 70-64. “Shoot it,” Coach Izzo screamed from the bench inside of the Breslin at guard Joshua Langford. The player didn’t have possession of the ball yet, but once he did he made the choice to remember his coach’s screams from steps away. Langford said, “I practice that shot so much by myself, and I’ve seen myself hit those kinds of shots before.” Langford said not only was coach Izzo yelling shoot it, but his teammates were too. What a great win for the Spartans!

Script writer: Chandra Fleming

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