Surf Rock and Small Talk | “Small Talk” by Beach Fuzz


Paige Drob, Writer/Volunteer

Ever since I discovered the Philadelphia-based band Beach Fuzz back in the beginning of quarantine, I have been anxiously waiting for a new release. The band describes themselves as a fusion of indie pop, psych rock, surf rock and classic rock. I personally think their surf rock elements are super cool, and provide me with the same joy that I get from listening to artists like The Beach Boys, but in a completely new and unique way.

On Feb. 26, the band released the single “Small Talk” in anticipation of their new EP Holding On which hit all streaming platforms this past Friday. Their single was accompanied by an animated music video that visually portrays the song’s story.



This flowy tune features the typical surf rock instrumentals, with some classic rock twists and a voice that captures the “indie” sound.  “Small Talk” describes the melancholy of young love in a way that brings light to the feelings in between wanting to stay young forever and needing to figure out how to grow up.


Beach Fuzz did what many artists have found impossible. Despite all of the setbacks due to the pandemic, they have continued to create and release fantastic and creative content. I can’t wait to see what comes next!