Bittersweet Memories | “Boardwalk” by Hit Like a Girl

Bittersweet Memories | “Boardwalk” by Hit Like a Girl

Kyle Davidson, Writer/Volunteer

Hit Like a Girl is back with their first single since 2019. From signing to a new label to performing  on Audiotree Live, the New Jersey based alt-rock project has been teasing new music for some time, and fans can finally get a taste with a studio version of “Boardwalk.”



The song begins with a charging harmony that’s both upbeat and sorrowful, pairing nicely with the song’s bittersweet lyrical reminiscences. The energy swells as it reaches the chorus, reflecting front person Nicolle Maroulis’ passionate performance as they recall fond memories of a previous partner. As the tone of the song shifts, the instrumentals become punchy as it heads back to the chorus.

 As the final chorus passes, the instrumentals fade until there is nothing left but vocals and acoustic guitar. The sound of waves and seagulls fill the background as Maroulis delivers one last lyrical gut punch to the listeners.

Like many other tracks in the artist’s discography, “Boardwalk” carries a lot of emotional energy. One of the main draws of Hit Like a Girl is Maroulis’s confessional lyrics, which cut right to the feeling. Described as a song “About a cute date I went on to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens one time,” the track holds more weight than initially mentioned.

 While the beginning of the song is sweetly reminiscing, with lines like “I hope you still have the boardwalk prize that we won,” it gradually evolves, taking on a more painful edge. What began as a lyrical exploration of a fond memory morphs into an exploration of unresolved feelings in an on-and-off relationship. 

When the final notes of the track fade into the background, it instills the listener with a sense of remorse similar to that described in the track.

Hit Like a Girl’s newest LP, “Heart Racer,” is currently available to preorder on Bandcamp. The band’s Audiotree Live performance is available to stream on most major services. Outside of Hit Like a Girl, Maroulis also runs No More Dysphoria, a nonprofit focused on providing financial support to trans and nonbinary individuals as they transition. For more information visit