The Law of Attraction | “Gravity” Brent Faiyaz & DJ Dahi feat. Tyler The Creator


Paige Drob, Writer/Volunteer

In late January, Maryland native and R&B singer-songwriter and producer Brent Faiyaz released a new single titled “Gravity.” This Newtonian-titled track was produced by Dj Dahi, who is known for his work with artists like Kendrick Lamar,Travis Scott, Drake, Vince Staples, Childish Gambino and more on his seemingly endless list of works. “Gravity” also features lyrics from the multi-talented Tyler the Creator and alternative R&B prodigy Steve Lacy on guitar and bass.

Despite the song’s airy and floaty sound, “Gravity” is all about being pulled down to earth (well, metaphorically). Faiyaz sings about the struggles of balancing stardom and a relationship:


“I’m on (Don’t act like I’m average, come on)/

But you want me home (Home)/

I’d get you what you want (Superstar status)/

But you want me alone (I’m gone, baby, I’m active)”


At the rise of his career, all his love wants is alone time home. On the other hand, he wants to rise above, but the lover in question seems as if they are not ready for this change and wants to bring him down to earth.

Tyler the Creator elaborates on this phenomenon in his verse:


“Now when I’m gone, and I roam ’round the globe for three months/

That’s too long without somethin’ that’s sweet/

So I phone, little treats, that’s a snack, not a feast”


The lifestyle brought to him by stardom requires time, energy and travel. Even though these moves fulfil his dreams, it does not erase his need for love. He is brought down to earth by his loneliness while traveling the world.



“Gravity” presents the highs and lows of love on tour with an interstellar sound. Most people say they will do everything for the one they love most, but this track illustrates the conflict between doing something for personal fulfilment and keeping the ones you hold close happy. Despite all of the pulls—Faiyaz will not stay down.