New Music Monday | Hello Cosmos, Future Islands and Cloe Wilder


Music Review Team

Hello Cosmos – “Raise the Dawn”


This album was pretty entertaining and fun. The song “Raise the Dawn” stuck out. For whatever reason, every time the frontman would sing, I felt as if Bobby Picket was going to be featured as if this were the Monster Mash. The backing track, meanwhile, reminded me of Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle.” My favorite part of the song was at 1:27 when he made those great, creative noises. Overall, I love the artist’s confidence with the messages he delivers in each song, including this one. “Show us whatcha got!” That fiery attitude gives me the energy that I need to start the day.

– Katarina Keeley



Future Islands – “Plastic Beach”

As Long As You Are | Future Islands

The track “Plastic Beach” stuck out to me when I was listening to Future Island’s album As Long As You Are because the lyrics felt very personal. Isolation gives us extra time to spend finding every flaw in our reflection. “Plastic Beach” focuses on how being loved can help us to recognize our true beauty. The upbeat, synth-pop song reminds us to love ourselves no matter what, and to be thankful for those who see our beauty long before we learn how to.

– Eva Vogel



Cloe Wilder – “In the Next Life”

Cloe Wilder Shares Debut EP 'Teenage Lullabies'

Teenage Lullabies by Cloe Wilder is a nice album if you like pop, so I like almost every song on the album. They each give me the vibe of a girl stuck in her fantasies and scared to face reality. The album has high replay quality for sure, but the song that caught my attention the most is “In the Next Life.” This is a great song for late night drives, or staring at your ceiling and falling asleep. It is so calming and the instrumental is quite beautiful. It makes me want to admire something beautiful, cry, and be in love all at once.

– Muna Alexia Akwali