New Music Monday┃Arlo Parks, Tobe Nwigwe and The Notwist


Music Review Team

Arlo Parks – “Portra 400

This final track from Arlo Parks’ newest album, Collapsed in Sunbeams, is not your typical closer. The less-than-3-minute tune fleshes out the story of a thorny relationship over a deceivingly carefree beat that you will definitely find yourself bobbing your head to—at least a little. Parks’ breezy vocals swim overtop the chopped-up, soulful instrumental, wrapping the listener in a warm sonic blanket. It’s a reminder that, even when we struggle, we’re still “making rainbows out of something painful,” and that’s exactly what Parks did with this song.

– Sarah Beltran



Tobe Nwigwe – “EAT

Image result for tobe nwigwe concoriginals album cover

I had no idea what to expect going into this album, but from the first beat I could tell there was going to be something cool about this track. Whistles carry on throughout the song, while Tobe comes in with some smooth, mellow vocals. As the beat progresses and evolves though, it’s the feature from Fat that steals the show for me. Her exciting verse and aggressive delivery is a stark contrast from Tobe’s vocals, who complements it with some hilarious adlibs. While very different from each other, the verses are great together and overall it’s a fun song that’s been in my rotations lately!

– Matt Anikiej



The Notwist – “Sans Soleil”

Image result for the notwist vertigo days cover

This past week, I took the time to listen to the songs on The Notwist’s album, Vertigo Days. The album had a very eclectic sound. The songs, in my opinion, were fairly whimsical. All of the sounds that came from each song were very unique, but my favorite track was “Sans Soleil. It almost reminded me of a song called “Clouds by Zach Sobiech, which I love. Both the sound and its lyrics were uplifting:

From this room into the dark/

I knew right from the start/

No one will I find here/

But I know I’m not alone/

On a planet that you call home/

And my feet are stuck in stone/

But my head’s in the clouds/

This way I stumble/

And step by step I roam/

The planet that you call home.”

It goes on to explain how there is “no more runaway, from here.” It gives hope to people that feel like they do not have a place where they can call home. I do not just mean a physical place, rather a place where you just feel the most comfortable at, whether that be at an ice cream store or with friends. “Sans Soleil” gives that feeling of hope to people that there will be a day where you will not feel the need to run away anymore. From here on out, there is “no more runaway, from here.”

– Katarina Keeley