Playlist | Lonely (Quarantined) Hearts Club


Sarah Beltran and Entertainment Team

For many folks around the world, this has been the loneliest year we’ve had to endure. With almost 365 days of limited touching, hugging, dancing, laughing and just spending time with one another, this Valentine’s Day might be hitting a little harder than usual. So, this one goes out to all of the online-daters, the long-distancers, the sitting-at-home-alone-every-weekenders and whoever else feels extra lonely this Feb. 14. Just remember—there’s a world of lonely souls out there too, right now, and maybe there’s someone out there listening to the same song you are and feeling the same way you do tonight. 

So this V-day, order the Door Dash, watch the cheesy rom-com, ugly cry, listen to this playlist and embrace the lonely—if just for a day.