Impact Mixtape | “Wall of Sound” by Matt Cruz


Matt Cruz, Entertainment Team Volunteer

I’ve always been fascinated by how humans sonically explore the psychedelic experience. With LSD use peaking during the 1960s, it’s ensuing influence of the subsequent albums forever changed the direction of contemporary music. 

In many of the pale attempts at recreating the psychedelic experience that were produced throughout the 1960s and beyond, one particular trait links my favorite tracks together: The Wall of Sound. 

Initially developed by the visionary Phil Spector, its concept was fully realized and reached its zenith with The Beach Boys’ front man, Brian Wilson. Though an album like Pet Sounds would be considered a failure at the time of its release, I would consider the progression of psychedelia to resemble the vision that Brian Wilson had, despite the often favorable choice of The Beatles.  

How we surround ourselves with sound perfectly simulates the unison with the world psychedelics can make their users feel. The auditory collapse into a single dimension allows us to somehow feel transcendent of the actual one we inhabit. 

Don’t fight it – and let it wash over you. I promise everything will be OK.