Playlist | “Songs You Hear Through Brody Hall Walls”

Playlist | Songs You Hear Through Brody Hall Walls

Paige Drob and Entertainment Team

What would it sound like to be sitting alone in your dorm in Brody neighborhood because you are too afraid to walk out and hang with the cool and hip young adults? Well, thanks to us you don’t have to wonder anymore!

This week we have curated a list of songs MSU freshmen tend to play way too loudly in the dormitory buildings—simply for your enjoyment. For you older students and alumni, this may take you down memory lane. But for you younger on-campus residents… this might feel all too real.

From “WAP,” to “Drivers License” to “Party in the USA,” this playlist features the best of the best muffled songs that you hear at 8pm when you are doing your chemistry homework, and even the ones you hear at 2 am as you attempt to drift off to sleep amongst the noise.