Rhythmic Reggae that Still Bumps Today: “Closer to the Sun” by Slightly Stoopid


Julia Hurlbut, Writer/Volunteer

The first word that comes to my mind when thinking of this track by Slightly Stoopid is “addicting.”  Released in their 2005 album Closer to the Sun, there is no query as to why the album’s name belongs to this song.  The track highlights acoustic guitar and gentle vocals, while some live versions feature a saxophone that could not fit in more perfectly.  All you really need is one listen before you’re singing these rhythmic rhymes right along with Miles Doughty.



 “Closer to the Sun” is undeniably appealing to music nerds of all genres.  The reggae-tastic track’s brisk lyrics allure rap fans and its unconventional rhythms charm indie/alternative fanatics everywhere.  Doughty’s fast-moving acoustic guitar and lyrics come together to portray the image of a young man looking for love in the wrong places.  If you like intricate guitar playing and lyrics that roll off of the artists’ tongue, this easy-going Jam of the Day is assured to be a favorite among you and your friends… and most likely your dad, too.