Playlist | Not Your Average Holiday Party


Sarah Beltran and Entertainment Team

Let’s admit it—by the time Christmas comes around, we have sucked the standard holiday classics dry. It seems every radio station rotates the same narrow collection of Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey, leaving little room for new songs over the years. 

Even if our ears weren’t already bleeding out lyrics to “Winter Wonderland” and “Santa Baby,” sometimes Christmas music just doesn’t set the right vibe. Tons of our favorite artists have taken holiday themes and given them a twist, but they are more often than not ignored because they are a little outside of the gift box (hah!). If given the chance, these songs provide the perfect combo of eclectic earworms while still keeping it festive.

If you want to shake things up at your virtual function this year, or just enjoy some unconventional holiday tunes, we have compiled the perfect playlist for you.