Sugar-Crazed Cage Rage | “Let It Out” by Rico Nasty


Noah Bosch

As a raspy menace with an affliction for chaos, Rico Nasty has more than established herself as an unpredictable force of nature within the realm of hip-hop. With the ability to waltz the line between sanity and insanity like the pockets in her flows, Rico Nasty is an artist that may repulse as much as she impresses. 

Her debut album Nightmare Vacation, released this past Friday. It featured a stacked track list, complete with addicting singles such as “IPHONE,” Rico’s nose dive into the hyperpop genre, and “OHFR?,” a more standard but nonetheless energy-packed thrash rap banger. Aided by dazzling up-and-comers such as Amine and Don Toliver, Rico made sure to leave a lasting impression with her first studio release.

For fans of Rico Nasty, “Let It Out” is a testament to Rico’s ability to start a fire in the heart of even the most timid listeners. Welcoming the listener to the mosh pit with screeching metallic guitars, furious ad-libs and thumbing bass, Rico builds an intimidating soundscape sure to make skin crawl—in the best way possible.

She don’t like it but I made her a believer

On my worst day, I still wouldn’t wanna be her (Wouldn’t wanna be her)”

As unapologetic as ever, Rico drills her unnamed rival with a fierce drawl as her ad-libs repeat her disses with a malicious intensity. Rico rides the crashing beats for a moment, sonically stomping across the war-torn hellscape she’s taken dominion over. Surrounding herself with chaotic harpies wailing and cackling alongside her, Rico relishes in her ability to find success quickly: 

Goin’ one-twenty, I might do the dash (Might do the dash)

I spend a lot ’cause I make it back fast (Make it back fast)

I’m higher than these bitches (Yeah), talkin’ to me like I asked (Huh? What?)”

Rico moves into the pre-chorus on an unstoppable rampage as the metallic grinding of guitars and frivolous high-hats mark her territory. She invites the audience to release their inner aggression and join in the madness with her: 

Don’t be shy (Bitch, woo)

Let it out (Let it out)

If you wanna rage (If you wanna rage)

Let it out (Baby girl, just let it out, ayy, ayy)”

Reaching deep into her spirit to invoke a primal rage, Rico lets loose a gnarly chorus only she herself could manage to create in all its rebellious explosivity. Assisted by a screeching ad-lib, tearing across the wavelengths, Rico puts her full intensity on display and demands the listener to “let it out.” 

A vicious angel of anarchy, Rico Nasty provides the aggressive sonic bloodletting that may feel all too needed in times of stress. A master in adding fuel to any fire, Rico Nasty’s raspy tough-tongued delivery and abrasive beats shine bright all throughout Nightmare Vacation. Much akin to Rico’s equally bellicose hit single  “Smack a Bitch,” “Let It Out” works as the perfect medicine for a rough day at the office, an impromptu traffic jam, or any annoyance that would require some rage-filled headbanging.