Impact Mixtape | “Me!” by Matt Anikiej


Matt Anikiej, Music Review Volunteer

This playlist contains songs that I thought really represent who I am. I love music more than anything, and sometimes I feel like I have no way of expressing myself other than through it. Whether I’m making music or listening to music, it’s something I hold super close to myself. For this playlist, I put in songs that show my personality, my favorite songs and what I’ve been listening a lot to lately.

Some highlights include:

“4r Da Squaw” by Isaiah Rashad

 One of my all time favorite songs is all about being grateful for what you have. While I may not have everything I want, I love all that I have. I love my family, my friends and the way life’s been going for me generally.

“Angels” by Chance the Rapper

Being from Chicago, I love all things Chicago. Not only is it the greatest city on Earth, but it even has the greatest people on Earth, which is what this song talks about.

“Curls” by Madvillain

I have curly hair.

“Fast Eddie” by Twin Peaks

Is this not the most fun song you’ve ever heard? It never fails to put me in a good mood, and I think I play it at almost every party.

“Hunk Beach” by The Walters

Sometimes I overthink things. We all do and it sucks. Songs like this one help remind myself that things usually work out. We all worry too much sometimes and forget how good we have it with all the people around us. Our family and friends will always be there for us, so it’s okay to reach out to them.

“Only ME” by Adot

This is the first song I ever made that got any noteriety. I still remember how perfect this studio session went and how excited my friend and I felt as soon as this beat was done and how amazing the energy was when the rapper went into the booth. Lyrical Lemonade ended up writing an article about this song saying that it was their favorite song from the artist.

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