MSU Athletics COVID-19 testing update


Owen Oszust, General Assignment Reporter

EAST LANSING — Michigan State University Athletics announced Friday the results of 97 COVID-19 tests in the athletic department. These tests were conducted from Nov. 6-11 on student-athletes and staff members. There were 92 student-athletes that were tested and 15 of them came back positive. Five staff members were tested and two were positive. It was announced Monday that men’s basketball coach Tom Izzo was one of the staff members to test positive.

MSU Athletics has done at least 3,016 COVID-19 clinical PCR tests since June on its student-athletes and staff members. There have been 163 positive results from student-athletes and 11 positives from staff members.

MSU Athletics continues to be diligent about their protocols with the individual who tested positive. Daily check-ins, remaining in isolation, and additional services from the medical staff will be in place for those individuals. There will be required further testing and physician follow-ups before the athletes and staff can return to workouts.

Owen Oszust is a reporter for WDBM Sports. Follow him on Twitter at @Owen_Oszust.