Impact Mixtape | “Writing Jokes is Hard, Let’s Dance Instead”


Tasia Bass

The worst feeling as a comedian is not feeling funny. Moments when I can’t write jokes, because I convince myself that I lost my abilities to write jokes, is beyond scary. However, most of the time it is because I am in my own head or putting pressure on myself. I’ve found that singing and dancing around my apartment help clear my head.

This playlist actually grew out of a different playlist I made, “Shut Up, Sing and Dance, Tasia.” It’s a playlist for whenever I am having moments where I am thinking too much and need to just be quiet and enjoy the moment, filled with hummable songs that have groovy beats..

I am terrible at singing and dancing, but this hasn’t stopped me from posting clips from these dance sessions to my social media accounts. There’s a joy I feel letting people see me be silly, and not taking myself so seriously has helped me in ways I’ve never imagined. Plus, I have the world’s sweetest followers and supporters that always encourage me to post more, even though I’m a bad dancer.

Ultimately “Writing Jokes is Hard, Let’s Dance Instead” is just about taking a moment to have fun for yourself.