Impact Mixtape │ “Patrick Stump’s Soul Voice” from Mark DeMartini


Mark DeMartini

While the public opinion of Fall Out Boy has decreased over recent years because of their sound switching from a more alternative pop punk to a more pop rock sound, the influence that they had in the early 2000s cannot be questioned. To me, Fall Out Boy is still one of my favorite bands, and I love going back and listening to their music. 

This band was super prevalent in my life in middle school and high school, helping shape the kind of music I like now.  One of the main reasons I continually go back is because of their front-man, Patrick Stump. He is an amazing musician and singer who has really evolved his sound throughout the years. 

The most notable change is when Fall Out Boy went on hiatus and he came out with a solo album entitled Soul Punk. This album was completely different from anything Fall Out Boy had done previously, and it really showcases how good of an artist he is. This playlist is a collection of 20 soulful songs that showcase what I deem to be Patrick Stump’s best vocals. It has tunes ranging from features he’s done, his solo album, and of course, music from Fall Out Boys discography as well. I hope you enjoy it!