Spooky Halloween Fun | “Scare Me” by Ludo


Tasia Bass

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Halloween, with the cold autumn days and the changing of the leaves. Yet, with the pandemic and social distancing, this Halloween will be quite different than years past. Still, that hasn’t stopped Ludo from coming to the rescue with their first single in ten years.

Ludo, an alternative band from St. Louis, has been doing special Halloween shows for the past few years, called “HalLUDOween.” However, with COVID-19 dashing their plans this year, they decided to release their new song on Twitter with a lyric video. Sticking with their signature Ludo sound, “Scare Me” is a fun, upbeat song with poetic lyrics—a story within a song.

It is the perfect song for your virtual Halloween party this year. Guitarist Tim Ferrell starts the song off with a cheerful riff that will have you nodding your head. Then, lead singer Andrew Volpe takes you back to a time when you were a kid, out trick or treating with friends and roaming your neighborhood. To a time when you dared each other to go to the front porch and knock on the door of the creepy, possibly haunted, house on the corner.

 “Through the creaking gates/ 

Someone knock on the door.”

The song highlights the wild imagination of kids. The thrill we used to feel about Halloween, when it was both exciting but a little spooky, as you weren’t 100% sure that it wasn’t a real vampire walking down the street. There is also an enjoyable back and forth between the band members, mimicking the things kids scream when they see something scary and start telling their friends to run away.

Like past Ludo songs, the lyrics reign supreme, giving us this fun little story, with a catchy chorus. The beat is peppy and something you’ll definitely be humming in the shower or car on your next drive to the grocery store. This is the perfect song for Ludo’s comeback and shows that they haven’t missed a beat in 10 years.

If you want an entertaining song that is reminiscent  of the joys of being a kid on Halloween, “Scare Me” is the song for you.

Featured photo from Ludo’s album art for “Scare Me.”