Take A Moment | “Run” – Joji


Fladiana Lopez

You have probably heard about Joji through TikToks, but those only open the door to Joji’s talent for creating music that makes you feel like you are running in slow motion. 

In the recent release of his sophomore studio album, Nectar, Joji explores a variety of ways to sing in a sad tone. In the song “Run,” we are treated with Joji’s grievance of having someone not loving him as he wishes and both of them choosing to run for different reasons. Even though the song seems sad, it brings a calming sense to someone who just needs a break from everything going on. 



The best way to listen to this song is in your room, lights off, eyes closed and completely giving yourself a moment of peace. There are two parts of the song where you literally feel like you are floating. First,  in the chorus: 

“I know you’re not in love like you used to be

Guess I’m not the one like you used to think

So you’ll just run

I know that I’m stuck in this misery

Guess I’m not enough like you used to think

So I’ll just run (Ooh)”


Then, in the outro, beginning with the wicked sweet guitar sounds: 

“And I traveled the country

And I traveled the country

 just to get to you

I know you’re not in love”

It’s fall, we are crazy busy and you may think you have no time to chill, but give yourself a moment and have a listen to Joji’s “Run.


Featured image is the album art for Joji’s Nectar.