Playlist | Oops, I left my mic on…again!

“Songs You Get Caught Listening to When You Leave Your Zoom Mic On”


Sarah Beltran and Entertainment Team

POV: You are in the kitchen blaring your favorite jam, pouring yourself a bowl of cereal at 2:59pm—and you remember you have a 3pm ISS. You race to open your laptop and pull up Zoom to get those participation points. “Nice, right on time,” you think as you get back to dancing and with your Cinnamon Toast Crunch, belting out the next chorus.

Glancing back at the screen, you discover your worst nightmare has come true: Your video box is lit up green. “NOOOOOO,” you yell (and maybe some other choice words), in a slow motion run to click the mute button.

A deafening silence falls on the lecture.

Your teacher asks, “What was that?” 

You send this playlist in the chat.