Latest round of COVID-19 testing results reveals encouraging trend for MSU Athletic Community


The Breslin Center / Photo Credit : Michigan State Athletic Communications

Brian Goldsmith, General Assigment Reporter

EAST LANSING-  During the week of Sept. 22-28, 11 Michigan State student-athletes tested positive for COVID-19.  The athletic department carried out a total of 178 COVID-19 tests over the past week, 165 were used on student-athletes while 13 were administered on team staff members. None of the staff members tested positive. 

Today is also the day when MSU football players began daily testing for COVID-19. If a player tests positive, they will be sidelined for three weeks and subject to various medical exams, including a ECG, echocardiogram and a cardiac MRI.

The 11 positive tests are a steep decrease from the 45 positive tests that were registered two weeks ago. Last week, 30 student-athlete and two staff members tested positive for COVID-19. 

For the student-athletes who tested positive, they will have daily check-ins with athletic training staff as they remain in isolation. Additional services will be provided by the medical and administrative staff of Michigan State. Student-athletes who test positive for COVID-19  must undergo further testing and are required to gain physician approval. 

Michigan State has conducted nearly 2,500 COVID-19 tests on student-athletes and staff members since early June. In total, 134 student-athletes have tested positive over the three-month period. Eight staff members have also tested positive for COVID-19 over the past few months.