Ranking every home/away jersey combo in the NHL

Ranking every home/away jersey combo in the NHL

Kyle Hatty, Hockey Beat Reporter

31. Columbus Blue Jackets

If they use their blue and cream alternates full time, they would crack the top-10. But for now, they should use their goal cannon to fire the jerseys into the sun.

30. Los Angeles Kings

You can only be so good using black, grey and white.

29. Anaheim Ducks

Bring back the Mighty Ducks. 

28. Minnesota Wild

The uniforms are very dull and unappealing, but the logo is fantastic.

27. Nashville Predators

The yellow helmets are overkill.

26. Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres have never been known for having captivating uniforms, but they seem to be regressing ever since Dominik Hasek left.

25.  San Jose Sharks

The teal is dull and looks like murky pond water. 

24. Carolina Hurricanes

The logo is horrible, and there are way too many stripes at the bottom.

23. Colorado Avalanche

The Reebok design was much better, then Adidas added the mountain design at the bottom and ruined a great color scheme.

22. Edmonton Oilers

Adidas should’ve left the Reebok Oilers jerseys as is, even the Reebok orange jersey was better than Adidas. However, blue jerseys beat everything.

21. Winnipeg Jets

The logo is exceptional, but the striping leaves a lot to be desired.

20. Ottawa Senators

Ottowa has a solid color scheme that is also very lackluster at the same time. 

19. Calgary Flames

If they get rid of the black and go just red, orange, and white, they are without a doubt top-tier.

18. Washington Capitals

The 90’s uniforms were better, but they still represent D.C. very well.

17. Florida Panthers

Meh, not much to say. The colors and design are mediocre.

16. Vegas Golden Knights

The best away uniform in sports carries Vegas to 16. 

15. New York Islanders

New York has a good color scheme, a decent logo and a strong design.

14. Boston Bruins

The unis are iconic, but using black as the main color holds you back quite a bit.

13. Philadelphia Flyers

As risky as it is to make orange your main color, the design is done to perfection.

12. Dallas Stars

Dallas has the same design as the Devils, just with a less appealing color scheme.

11. St. Louis Blues

The defending champs use the two tones of blue and the yellow quite well.

10. New Jersey Devils

Red and black are really hard to screw up; if New Jersey adds in a good logo, it will have the recipe for a top-10 uniform combination.

9. Toronto Maple Leafs

For being such an old team, the Maple Leafs have tweaked their uniforms a lot, but the design is clean despite the strings in the collar that do nothing.

8. Detroit Red Wings

The jersey hasn’t changed in 70 years for a reason. The design is simple and has the best logo in the league.

7. Arizona Coyotes

The addition of black made a good uniform great.

6. Pittsburgh Penguins

The change back to yellow from the Vegas gold was the correct choice.

5. Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay’s jerseys look a lot like the Maple Leafs but they are a bit cleaner with the one stripe instead of two and the empty shoulders.

4. Montreal Canadians

Iconic. The stripe around the chest is hard to pull off, yet they do it with class and grace.

3. New York Rangers

The Rangers are yet another example of a classic uniform being unaltered for a reason.

2. Vancouver Canucks

It took Vancouver a couple of decades and a few different color schemes to figure it out, but the blue and green mesh together perfectly.

1. Chicago Blackhawks

The best uniforms in pro sports that should never be changed. It’s as simple as that.

Kyle Hatty is a beat reporter for Impact 89FM WDBM who primarily covers hockey. Follow him on Twitter at @KyleHattyIN.