MSU Telecasters’ Nearly Clickbait – 4/6/20 – Basically Nothing But Corona


In the latest edition of Nearly Clickbait, hosts Rebecca Sharpe and Brett Batten – with audio tech Josh Hornstein – do their darnedest to provide smiles and laughter with the charm of Gal Gadot singing “Imagine” and the charisma of Carole Baskin!

In the first segment – Tele-Me-Everything! – Rebecca and Brett interview their guests, writer/directors Collin Higgins and Dannie Nguyen (Nearly Clickbait’s regular audio tech!), on their creative journeys and unique processes!

Next, Rebecca and Brett quiz their guests on Film Loglines. As the pair battle for the crown of “ultimate pretentious film nerd”, they discuss movie trailers, Stranger Than Fiction, and Quentin Tarantino.

Finally, Stayin’ Relevant features Rebecca leading the group in a discussion of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and the various effects that the campus shutdown has had on MSU Telecasters, campus life, and the world itself.

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