MSU Telecasters’ Nearly Clickbait – 3/15/20 – The Quest For More Water

Nearly Clickbait returns to fill the quarantine-sized hole of content left in the wake of COVID-19, brought to you by hosts Josh Hornstein & George McNeill and audio tech Dannie Nguyen!

In the first segment — Tele-Me-Everything! — Josh and George interview their guests on the creative process behind Turn, MSU Telecasters’ dramatic anthology series, featuring producers Ellison Winterstein & Ara Adeniji and writer/director Daniel Isabella!

Next, Josh and George take on Mistakes in Film with a retrospective analysis of the goofs in film that make you wonder how they made it through a production process! It also provides further insight into the process of production and post-production; how to establish eye-lines, maintain continuity, and so on.

Finally, Josh leads the group on an intrepid and highly-improvised text-based adventure through A.I. Dungeon, which features some lovely acting and editing, and a particularly riveting performance from Ellison.

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