MSU Telecasters’ Nearly Clickbait – 2/29/20 – I Love Oscar Nominee Eminem!

MSU Telecasters’ Nearly Clickbait is back, brought to you by Rebecca Sharpe & Brett Batten with new host Josh Hornstein and audio tech Dannie Nguyen!

In the first segment — Tele-Me-Everything! — Josh Hornstein, having killed host George McNeill and taken his place, reveals himself! He also interviews our guests, producer/writer Noah Bosch and writer Dylan Burg about their experiences in creative production.

Next, Brett takes on Pitch Graveyard with a lost Beaumont Bulletin script titled “Bird Scooters” the first script written by Dylan Burg — and a Giraffe House script, “Sexy Sax!”

Finally, Rebecca leads an impassioned Oscars 2020 discussion for Staying Relevant, during which everyone mispronounces Klaus, debates Eminem’s interesting performance, and defends the VFX department behind Cats!

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