The Stick Arounds | In-Studio

Alexa Stecewicz, Traffic Director

The Stick Arounds, a Lansing-based power pop group, celebrated a decade together.

The Stick Arounds’ presence in the Lansing music scene is built into what it is today. 10 years ago, the five-piece band had their start and today they are celebrating a decade of being together.  

With Matt Carlson and Jeff Gower on guitar and vocals, Joel Kuiper on drums, Ian Walker on bass, and Jason Lantrip on lead guitar and vocals, the band joined us at Impact 89FM’s studio for a live session.

The band opened the in-studio gig with their song “The Curse” off the band’s first album Mystery Garage, which was recorded live at a venue of the same name to pay tribute to the previous Lansing hot spot.  

Having met around the local music scene, Gower said that “band practice started out like some people have poker night or bowling league… but around the mutual love of the genre of power pop.”

The band’s members come from previous backgrounds, and say that “The Stick Arounds brings in a little of everything from past bands.”

With Gower and Kuiper coming from a honky-tonk band, Gentleman Callers, and Carlson and Kuiper from The Pantones, “which is more of an Americana, indie kind of thing,” the members say that they each bring a new sound to to the table, but have been consistently steeped in rock ‘n’ roll.  

Although the members come from various backgrounds they come together with their mutual interests with constant inspirations from bands such as Guided by Voices, an American indie rock group from Dayton, Ohio. 

Tonight, the band is preparing for their “10th Anniversary Blast” gig at The Avenue Café in Lansing, one of their favorite local venues. Having gone through “something of a golden age in the Lansing music scene,” the band has been with the local music as it has changed over the last decade.

Gower stated that their label, GTG Records, “holds a great deal of responsibility for what the rock scene is in Lansing now. They’ve really worked tirelessly to bring about change and to make sure music is available to the people of Lansing. It’s not just the rock scene that has come up in the last 10 years, but the hip hop scene in Lansing is extremely vibrant right now.”  

Similar to the local music scene, the band has plans for growth. With their latest project Hot Singles Club, the band releases a new song every month and will have put out 12 new singles by the end of 2019.

“It was not only a good release for those songs but a good song writing and recording exercise,” Walker said.

In addition to the progression of song writing and releases, the band has expanded their Michigan schedule to national venues in Columbus, Chicago and Milwaukee. 

Closing their in-studio session with the song “What Was Comin’” from their last album, the band leaves us excited for what’s to come.