Hasuer denied eligibility, Izzo resigns from NABC board of directors

Luca Melloni, General Assingment Reporter

EAST LANSING – The Michigan State men’s basketball coach Tom Izzo announced on Thursday that Joey Hauser, a transfer from Marquette, had his appeal rejected by the NCAA in regards to his eligibility in the transfer portal. Izzo, “devastated” after hearing the news, went on to announce that he immediately resigned from the National Association of Basketball Coaches board of directors. 

Tom Izzo started the conversation about Joey Hauser’s appeal by stating, “First and foremost, Joey was denied his appeal. I’ve never been in favor of the transfer and sit out rule.”

Joey Hauser, who was a part of the Big East All-Freshman team at Marquette, will have to sit out this season and wait until the start of the 2020 season to officially debut for the Spartans as a junior. 

“There are arbitrary decisions being made,” Izzo strongly claimed when he questioned the outcome of the appeal. “I don’t appreciate when some people are getting waivers and some aren’t.” 

Izzo believed that Hauser had a “strong case” back in August when they began the appeal process alongside the university and Hauser’s family. 

“I’m devastated he will have to sit out his second season in three years because he (Hauser) did go to school early.” 

It was shortly after that Izzo unexpectedly announced his resignation from his position at the National Association of Basketball Coaches board of directors. 

“Last night, I made a decision for the first time in my 25 years because I was taught to care about the game and the team I was on boards, on panels that mattered, that tried to help the game become successful and that ended last night,” Izzo said. 

Izzo showed no signs of regret as he proudly stated that he was going to do what was right for him and his players. 

“What Tom Izzo is going to do from here on out is worry about his team, his family, and his Spartan family,” Izzo said of himself.

The Spartans will now be focusing on the upcoming Maui Invitational Tournament in Hawaii as they plan to arrive there on Friday afternoon. They will face Virginia Tech on Monday in the first game of the tournament. 

Junior forward Xavier Tillman’s called the tournament a “business trip” as the Spartans hope to bring the trophy back to East Lansing.

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