Hear Me Out Episode 11 (Caroline Polachek, Kanye West, Danny Brown)


Andrew Herner and Josiah Leach

It’s time for another Hear Me Out!

After almost a year, Impact’s popular video series is back with another installment. For this one, the Content Team sat down to discuss new albums that have released in the past month, deciding on a “good” album, a “bad” album and a “wack” album. (Let it be known that our definition of “wack” has evolved to mean, essentially, anything unexpected or unconventional.)

Here were our decisions:

GOOD: Caroline Polachek – Pang (5/5)

BAD: Kanye West – Jesus is King (2/5)

WACK: Danny Brown – uknowhatimsayin¿ (4/5)

Watch the video to see our reviews and hot takes!