Melancholic Hip-Hop | “In My Room” – Frank Ocean


Sarah Beltran, Senior Staff Writer

When DHL dropped a couple weeks ago from generational icon Frank Ocean, I thought it may have just been another quick single to quench the thirsty masses. However, with the Saturday morning arrival of another single, In My Room,” I think it is safe to say there is finally another album from Ocean on the horizon.

“In My Room,” like “DHL,” plays with the typical melancholic Frank Ocean sound using pure hip-hop production. Its Nights-esque feel can be attributed to producer Michael Uzowuru, who has also collaboration with artists like Earl Sweatshirt and FKA twigs. His cutting drums drive the song, much like Rushes To from Ocean’s video album, Endless

What I find most interesting about Ocean’s latest singles is his rapping, because he usually paints his music with intricate melodic figures. His flows lead and follow the song at the same time with their laid-back delivery. Ocean plays into hip-hop culture talking about his success, saying “Fuck it, I’m pretty still in a pit of snakes.” His vocalism comes out just for the outro, which drops the title. 

With “DHL” and “In My Room,” we are definitely looking at something harder than Blonde for the future of Ocean’s music. So, the question is: are we looking at a full-on hip-hop album from Frank Ocean in 2020? Probably. Are we mad about it? Not even a little.