Playlist | Songs for Serenading the Campus Squirrels


Katelyn Connelly, Writer/Volunteer

Have you ever been walking the campus, spotted a squirrel and suddenly felt the need to serenade it? Lucky for you, we’ve curated the perfect mix of songs for this exact occasion!

Whether you love them a lot or just like to admire from afar, we should all take a moment to appreciate the many squirrels of Michigan State University. Michigan is home to brown, red, grey and even black squirrels. They are generally uncommon but have an unusually high population here in East Lansing. 

Seen all over campus, oftentimes the squirrels come right up to greet you. This presents the perfect opportunity to break into a spontaneous performance. Feel free to listen to “Wait by the River” by Lord Huron while you walk along the Red Cedar searching for squirrels, or stand below a tree and belt out the lyrics to “Beware of the Dogs” by Stella Donnelly to the furry fellas above. 

If singing isn’t your style, maybe consider dancing to the funky fresh beats of “S.I.M.P. (Squirrels in My Pants)” by 2 Guys n the Park, as featured in the TV show Phineas and Ferb. With lyrics like “S to the I to the M to the P / Then maybe you can be moving like me,” you might actually think getting a squirrel into your pants will ensure better dance moves, but we would not recommend that. Although highly unlikely, this song also suggests that putting squirrels in your pants will help you qualify for government grants. It’s worth a try, right?

For all squirrels and squirrel lovers at MSU, this one’s for you.

Featured image by likeaduck; retrieved from Flickr.