A Dream-Pop Gem, Unearthed | “Iceblink Luck” – Cocteau Twins (TBT)

A Dream-Pop Gem, Unearthed | Iceblink Luck - Cocteau Twins (TBT)

Sarah Beltran, Sarah Beltran

In the years leading up to the ‘90s, new genres of music were evolving more rapidly than ever before. From ‘80s punk emerged new wave, garage rock, and other alternative lanes of listening. Together, Robin Guthrie and Elizabeth Fraser released something shiny and new in 1990 with the release of their sixth studio album.

 Throughout the ‘80s, the Cocteau Twins had been honing their ultra-specific sound until they produced the original dream-pop gem, Heaven or Las Vegas. In a lot of ways, this album defines the beginning of dream-pop, through songs like “Iceblink Luck.”

“Iceblink Luck” is a good summation of the explosion of vibrant beauty that comes from Heaven or Las Vegas. With Guthrie’s glistening guitars and Fraser’s other-worldy vocals, the listener is transported. Artists of the time describe what they did as completely original.

 In a time where music was becoming darker, the Cocteau twins gave us shimmering light with Guthrie’s lush and romantic production. When listening to “Iceblink Luck,” you are absorbed by this light entirely. It is a rush of blood to the head, a sudden jolt of electricity, without even having fully perceivable lyrics. As with many of Fraser’s words, people argue over whether she is saying “You’re the match of Jericho” or “the match of cherry coal.” Either way, it sends shivers down the spine.

Featured image retrieved from The Quietus.