Haunted By Demons | “lucy” – Soccer Mommy


Sarah Beltran, Senior Staff Writer

Sophie Allison, otherwise known as Soccer Mommy, has released her first single since her smash debut studio album Clean. Her new song “lucy” captures the same charming darkness as her previous tunes, but in a more elaborate sense. In addition to evolving her sound, she has also started exploring new lyrical themes.

Clean was a biting post-breakup album, flooded with themes of jealousy and angst set to a playfully punk and acoustic background. In “lucy,” Allison is turning the microscope on herself to explore her inner demons, which she labels as “Lucy” (short for Lucifer). The vibe has turned from biting to haunting, with psych-grunge guitar arpeggiations that nod to ‘90s rock. 

However, Allison still keeps that tongue-in-cheek attitude in her sweet melodies and playful metaphor. I mean, she is referring to the devil as “Lucy.” She asks Lucy repeatedly to quit taunting her, but in a way the song has a taunting nature as she begins to see herself as Lucy. “I can’t help the feeling / That irks me – that I’m falling down / From heaven through the earth / To hellfire to wear his crown,” she says near the end of the song.

“lucy” is showcasing a new diversity in writing style for Sophie Allison, while still holding tight to the key characteristics that make Soccer Mommy’s music so memorable. Allison is using her unique yet relatable voice to continue making her stamp as one of the best storytellers in the indie music scene.

Featured image by Jessica Mlinaric; retrieved from October.