Green & White Report – 9/15/19 – Kyle Turk is Back!


In this week’s episode of The Green & White Report, co-hosts Ryan Rabinowitz and Julian Mitchell dive straight into sports news as they give their thoughts on MSU football’s 10-7 loss to Arizona State (4:29).

Taking a break, producer Hikaru Kudo hops on the mic for an MSU sports update (29:55), before inviting MSU Lacrosse head coach Matt Holtz into the studio for an exclusive interview (31:01).

Taking another break, producer Hikaru Kudo gives a quick update on pro sports (48:16) and soccer beat reporter Ian Gilmour hops on the hot mic to discuss the recent happenings with the MSU men’s soccer team (49:53).

Following soccer, we move into this week’s edition of The Sparty Awards. This week’s topic: worst fantasy football guys (1:07:16).

From The Sparty Awards, we bring on former sports editor Kyle Turk into the studio as he gives his thoughts on the MSU football team’s loss to Arizona State (1:27:02).

Finally, to wrap up the show, the guys and Turk talk about the NFL including this week’s picks (1:45:45).