The Sci-Files – 09/01/2019- Lauren Cooper – Intersection of Forest, Climate and People

Chelsie Boodoo and Daniel Puentes

On this week, The Sci-Files, Chelsie and Danny interview Lauren Cooper.

Lauren directs the Forest Carbon and Climate Program at the Michigan State University Forestry Department. Her work focuses on the intersection of forests, people, climate, habitat protection, wood use, and sustainability. With trees and forests taking center stage in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation, her work aims to bridge the wide knowledge gap for professionals and the public in the physical science, management, and policy aspects of forest and climate. In this robust area of research and engagement, she is involved in research, professional training, and communication efforts.

Lauren is a Detroit native who earned a BA in History from Wayne State University before completing a Master of Science in Natural Resource Policy and Planning and a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Michigan.  She is currently completing a Ph.D. in the Forestry Department. She has international experience in Peru, Mexico, and Ecuador, and previously worked in Washington, D.C. and Cusco, Peru.

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