Rising Local Talent | “Shooting Hoops” – Bedtime Khal


Sarah Beltran, Senior Staff Writer

In the haze of this Midwest heatwave, local artist Bedtime Khal has blessed us with a refreshing new track. Khal Malik is a recent MSU graduate who you may have spotted at local shows fronting The Plastic Bears up until now. “Shooting Hoops” is the most recent single from the Lansing-based artist who has been on a music-releasing jamboree this year, having dropped two EPs already. And just when we thought Khal’s music couldn’t keep getting better, it does.

“Shooting Hoops” blossoms softly, opening with a wilty synth that leads into a smooth riding a-section. Khal’s lackadaisical vocals match the warped guitars and synths, which all drizzle over a bangin’ Bedtime Khal drumbeat. The carefree melodies and rhythms feel like a smooth drive in the summer heat, when the air-conditioning is broken but you don’t even care because the breeze from the windows is enough. When the lead synth drives you into the half-time b-section, a wave a warm psychedelia washes over you. The layers of melancholic melodies come and go, leaving you in a daze when the song is done, just like how the inevitable end of summer twists your heart. 

Bedtime Khal is a swiftly emerging artist to keep an eye on, with hits like “Shooting Hoops” and “Quality” to vouch for his artistry. He truly is a songwriter, with the musical talent to match. If you don’t want to sleep on Bedtime Khal, then keep an eye out for an EP, “sunset music“, dropping later this summer.