Punk Rock Summer | “Club Nites” – Dumb


Josiah Leach, Managing Editor

Looking for the perfect anthem for your rowdy summer? I have just the song for you.

Vancouver punk rock outfit Dumb are getting ready to drop an album, Club Nites, this Friday, June 7. Over the past two months, they have dropped four singles including “Beef Hits”, “Content Jungle”, “CBC Radio 3” and the eponymous “Club Nites”. For this piece I will focus on the lattermost track, which I found to be particularly exciting.

Although released two months ago, “Club Nites” is the thesis statement for an album still awaiting its release. The record is summarized as “a collection of narratives drawn from the nightlife ecosystem,” which is a good description for this track, too. It’s fast, unrelenting and in-your-face while also alluding to common themes of punk rock music such as non-conformity. Even though this track seems to focus explicitly on nightlife, this becomes merely a lens through which they are able to observe the world at large.

The riotous, gritty “Club Nites” has a fittingly surreal music video to match. The visuals and special effects perfectly complement the song’s turbulent, lawless nature. It features the band doing random activities like smoking cigarettes, drawing on themselves, hopping fences, drinking beer and going club hopping – just a typical night in the life of a punk rocker.

Their aesthetic reminds me of a greasy house party on a Saturday night in East Lansing. You’re cooped up in a crumbling basement as bright, colorful lights dance around the room and the live band completely shatters your eardrums. It feels as if you’re watching the night through a kaleidoscope lens as chaos unfolds around you. Even if you were able to think, there are no words that could accurately describe this moment. It’s just… wow.

I think that “Club Nites” can be described in this way, as well. It feels a bit futile to even explain this song, or even punk rock for that matter. If it’s loud, rebellious and gets you off your feet, you already get it. It’s clear that Dumb get it, too, as they waste no time getting up and rocking out. At only two minutes and 10 seconds, this track pulls twice the punches in half the time.

In just a few days, Dumb will be releasing Club Nites in its entirety, and will begin touring immediately afterwards. In the meantime, you can check out some of their other projects, such as 2016’s Mustang Law and 2018’s Seeing Green.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re up to, I hope you have a punk rock summer!

Featured image by Marisa Kriangwiwat Holmes; retrieved from Facebook.