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Exposure – 5/5/2019 – Game Development and Star Explosions on Sci-Files

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Exposure – 5/5/2019 – Game Development and Star Explosions on Sci-Files

Stephanie Stapert and Chelsie Boodoo

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This week, Stephanie spoke to some MSU students who are a part of the Game Design Minor. They are also a part of Spartasoft, a club which connects students with professionals and gives them space to develop their skills.

From coding to marketing and character design, MSU students are creating games. Each of these students talk about their involvement in the program, what games they are working on, and how this experience benefits their future career.  

On Sci-Files, Chelsie and Danny talk to Sara Ayoub about her research in the measurement of star explosion. Stars evolve and some heavy stars explode and die. Sara is working on a tool to help measure the nuclear fission that occurs within stars, so we can better understand and explain what astronauts see in the universe.

About the Writers
Stephanie Stapert, Author

Stephanie is from Grand Rapids and is a junior majoring in Creative Advertising at Michigan State. At WDBM she is the website manager, interview coordinator, and the host of Exposure. You can find her singing along to any song, running around doing too much work, commenting on every play at any sporting event or encouraging her friends to do something adventurous. Check out what else she can do on her website!

Chelsie Boodoo, The Sci-Files Host

Chelsie is a Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. student at Michigan State University. She studies what happens when the bladder is overstretched. Specifically, she is curious about what happens to the extracellular matrix and the metabolism of the cells after they are stretched. She co-hosts an Exposure Series, The Sci-Files with Daniel Puentes. Together they explore the different topics that graduate students study on The Sci-Files at WDBM.

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Exposure – 5/5/2019 – Game Development and Star Explosions on Sci-Files