Exposure – 3/31/2019 – Spartan Support Network, Blueprints of Pangea & The Sci-Files


This week on Exposure, your host Stephanie focused on supporting others by promoting groups such as  Spartan Support Network and Blueprints of Pangea. To end the episode you will hear from Chelsie and Danny for the science side of things!

Spartan Support Network is a group of student that discuss mental health and provide a safe place for students to talk about what’s going on in their lives. Stephanie was joined by Jonah, Megan and Nicole as they talk about their role in SSN as well as the importance of mental health. If you need a place to go or just want to have fun, go to their meetings or enjoy one of their Kickback Friday events!


Up next is a group of student that are working to collect and transport unused medical supplies! Blueprints for Pangea partners with Project C.U.R.E to bring medical supplies to countries in need. Check out the work they are doing and see how you can get involved!


On The Sci-Files, Cheslie and Danny spoke to Kate Wierenga about her research on autoimmune diseases, specifically how Silica, Lupus and Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acids are related to them.