An Anthem for Love | “I’ll Wait” – The Strumbellas


Claudia Kramer, Writer

Canadian alternative-folk band The Strumbellas have released their fourth album, Rattlesnake. The new album is a stylistic shift from their usual melancholy sound, consisting instead of upbeat melodies about light and love. The Strumbellas run the gamutt from light, modern tracks to drum-heavy songs that can only be described as anthems. Featuring songs that embrace hope, Rattlesnake is the perfect soundtrack to finish out your semester.

The album release will be followed by a tour kicking off May 1. For those looking to see the band live, tickets can be found here.

“I’ll Wait” is the second song on the album and is a testament to love without boundary. It begins softly, with a single voice and high string instrumental that quickly build into a chorus of voices accompanied by an orchestra. In contrast to many current love songs, it tells not a story of falling in love, but of the devotion that arises from being and staying in it. Rather than fiery passion and excitement, “I’ll Wait” reminds us all of the intense comforts of being loved.