“I Have a Voice” | MSU Women’s Chamber Ensemble Performance

At the Impact, we’re strong proponents of the power of music, but rarely does one get the opportunity to see that power on display like it is in this video. We were lucky enough to have the chance to help spread the message of the MSU Women’s Chamber Ensemble through this video of their performance. Coming at the end of the 2019 It’s On Us Week of Action, we hope the release of this performance will help raise awareness about sexual assault and encourage others to find their voice.

“At a time on MSU’s campus where women are not always given a voice, this song is especially important to show them that they do have a voice and that they mean something,” Katie Huizinga, ensemble member and music education major, said. 

Sarah Beltran, ensemble member and Music Education major, has more to say on what the group, and the song, mean to her:

Women’s Chamber Ensemble is not just a choir. It is a community of women lifting each other up, all thanks to Dr. Sandra Snow. She has created a safe space for us to be exactly who we are. Essentially, it is a home. You can feel a shift in spirit when you walk into a rehearsal. We not only sing together, but we share our voices, our stories, our triumphs, and our struggles. The power and support from Dr. Snow and the group remains despite any obstacles in our lives. It challenges us in the most rewarding ways, and we grow through sharing in these experiences with each other.

“I Have a Voice” is a song written by Moira Smiley that really encapsulates what Women’s Chamber is about. We have something to share through every note we sing, and that is why we do it. We have a voice, and we want to show everyone that they have a voice, too.