The Chant – 4/3/19 – It Ain’t Over Yet!

Hikaru Kudo and Justin LaBelle

In this episode of The Chant, co-hosts Hikaru Kudo and Justin LaBelle talk about a series of topics which all relate to them not being over yet.

Justin kicks things off by talking and giving his thoughts on the recent passing of Nipsey Hustle and the impact he has left in the L.A. community and the world (4:55).

Following this emotional story, Hikaru lightens the mood a little bit by talking about the start of MLB baseball season!! He focuses specifically on the Detroit Tigers and his thoughts on the early looks of the rebuilding Tigers (22:08).

Then, Justin whips his music back in gear and talks about Mark Hoppus and the new trash-pop duo Simple Creatures, relying on a message on mental health and music as a whole (39:35). You can check out Kerrang! magazine’s full article on this subject here.

Finally, Hikaru wraps up the show talking about the Final Four and his thoughts and predictions regarding the outcome of this year’s NCAA Men’s basketball tournament (58:55).


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