Episode 15: Almost Breaking News


Zane D’Souza, Zachary Swiecicki and Ashanti Seabron bring you the fifteenth episode of The Bandwagon. Zane “accidentally” forgets to turn on Zach’s microphone, so you don’t get to hear him until the 6:45 mark.

There’s another new segment? That’s right, The Bandwagon debuts “Almost Breaking News”. In this segment, they give you the latest news that has been broken only hours before they get behind the mics.

Major League Baseball’s playoffs are already in the Championship Series, which teams will make it from the final four?

The Lions have won two in a row behind Matt Stafford, who is having one of his best statistical season’s yet.

Zach may have called Stafford’s success, but he can’t pick NFL games as he suffered his first sub .500 week this year

Legit or Quit is back for a second week. The Carolina Panthers are 1-5, but should they really quit?

The Lions are 3-3, but the Red Wings have gotten off to a rough start in 2016. What is going on in Hockeytown?