Episode 10: Sweater Weather


The Bandwagon’s tenth episode begins on a very somber note, discussing the impact that Mylan Hicks, Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer had on the world of sports.

Zane D’Souza, Zachary Swiecicki and Ashanti Seabron give a quick breakdown of the MSU-Wisconsin game before going in-depth on Week 3 in the NFL.

The Lions have the same record as the Cardinals and the Panthers, but is there any hope for Detroit?

The other disappointment of the weekend in Detroit sports was the the Tigers dropping two of three to the Royals. With six games left in the season, down two games for the second Wild Card spot, can the Tigers sneak into the playoffs?

The crew takes a couple minutes to thank Vin Scully for his contributions to the sport of baseball.

The Ryder Cup starts on Friday, and according to Zach, “if you’re not amped for the Ryder Cup, I don’t know if you are living.”