S5E11: Jake Boss Jr. Speaks Out

This week, Zach Barnes is joined by David Manion and Ashanti Seabron to talk NASCAR with Davey Segal (2:04). We also hear from Michigan State baseball coach Jake Boss Jr. (14:22) and an executive of the  St. Louis Cardinals getting in some legal trouble which sparks a debate about whether or not athletes get special treatment when it comes to the law  (26:58).

Later in the show, Impact’s own Matt Mika reports from the Northwoods League  and talks to  Marty Bechnia after he won the summer league’s home run derby (37:04).

The panel is then joined by Akhil Hollingsworth to discuss the Moneyball Pro-Am (40:00).

Cut for time: The Pact panel discusses the NBA’s decision moving the All-Star Game from North Carolina (56:00).