S4E16: The Ups and Downs of April in the D

With Brett Kast away in Las Vegas (for a journalism conference, don’t get any ideas) Faith Krogulecki takes over The Pact.

The panel give their two cents on all the off season drama that has hit MSU Basketball. Then the talk moves to Detroit, with MSU baseball sealing a 7-3 win against CMU at Comerica Park. Impact baseball reporter Michael Epps was there to hear from the MSU players on what the game means to them.

It’s April in the D, but things aren’t always has good as they seem. Can the Tigers figure out their pitching situation? The Red Wings are in the playoffs for the 25th year in a row, but can they finally make a statement? And the Pistons find themselves in a playoff battle with Lebron’s Cavaliers– is there a chance for them?

That and more on this week’s episode of The Pact.