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Big Changes Headed to the Izzone


There has been some confusion lately among members of the raucous student section known as the Izzone. New rule changes regarding memberships, games and the campout have some people still scratching their heads. But fear not, Impact Izzone is here to set the record straight. We sat down with co-director of the Izzone Ben Limb to get all the details on the changes.

“We just wanted the best Izzone possible,” said Limb. “Having people who can be at the games and knowing that they’re going, they get more enthusiastic.”

Izzone members are now able to pick the games they want to go to

In the past, Izzone members were required to buy a membership and tickets to every home game during the school year (excluding winter break). Now, students will have to purchase a membership to the Izzone for $55, then they will be able to pick what games they want to see. Students must pick a minimum of four games per semester, and each game costs $10.

Since there are more home games than last year, the price for buying all the games and a membership is higher. But if a member were to buy the same number of home games as last year (12), then the price would be exactly the same.

“So if you want to save money and just buy the minimum amount, you’re saving $30 or $50, and then you can buy all the games if you want too,” said Limb. “If some games don’t fit your schedule and you don’t want to have to pay for them, it’s better for those kind of students.”

Members will be split into four groups when buying tickets online. The students with the highest priority will be able to buy their games on Tuesday, October 13, and the remaining three groups will go one by one in the following days. Students can pick whether they want upper or lower bowl for each game they buy. So a freshman who has never been to a game before might still have a chance at lower bowl seats for some games if it doesn’t fill up right away.

Unlike recent years, all points you have earned from going to games any year will go towards your priority, instead of just last year’s points.

“This helps people who might’ve taken a study abroad or a year off for either financial reasons or whatever reason,” said Limb. “If you bought an Izzone season package before, then we’ve got your points and that’ll count toward your priority this year. So the only way you’ve been to an Izzone game and don’t get points is if you got the ticket transferred to you. It’s all enhancements to get more people to come to some games.”

Waiting outside hours before a game is no longer required

One factor that always separated the strong from the weak in the Izzone was who was willing to wait outside for two hours on a Tuesday night in February to get a seat. Well, that’s no longer necessary. Doors will be opened closer to tip-off and students are encouraged not to wait outside for so long, especially in below-freezing temperatures. To facilitate this change, the Izzone has changed the points system it uses in determining who gets priority for lower bowl seats each year.

In the past, a game was worth a total of two points. If you showed up, you earned 1.1 points. Then you would earn 0.01 points for every minute you showed up early before tip-off. This year, students earn a flat two points for going to a game, no matter what time they get there. Students who attend the campout will also earn two points.

“Wildcard” system replaced with first come first serve

Students looking to be upgraded to the lower bowl right before a game will no longer have to rely on lady luck. About 20 minutes before tip-off, Izzone leaders will tally how many spots are left in the lower bowl and then bring down upper bowl members based on who got there first. In recent years, it was a much more random system. This new system rewards people for showing up early.

Campout will get the “Mean Girls” treatment

Remember to bring your popcorn to the campout this year, because the theme is “favorite movies.” The Izzone brain trust decided that “Mean Girls” was one of their favorite movies, so the campout t-shirt will get the Lohan makeover and there will also be a tent decorating contest.

“Each tent the students can decorate to their favorite movie,” said Limb, “and then the winners will get guaranteed front row to a game of their choosing so they don’t have to wait in line for one of the big games if they don’t want to. We’re hoping that will bring some extra fun to it.”

During the 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. lull, there will be a large projector screen set up on the band practice field and two movies will be shown.

“We sent out a survey last week where we had a lot of people vote,” said Limb, “so we’re going to play ‘Space Jam’ and ‘300,’ some favorites from the crowd. So the students will be able to sit on the bleachers, watch the movie in the middle of the night, just to kind of give them something else to do when there’s nothing else to do.”

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