Michigan Week

It was all football this week on The Pact, as host Tony Garcia and panelists Faith Krogulecki and Michael Higer recap the Spartans’ close win at Rutgers.

Bradley Allen reports on two MSU fans who changed sides from Wolverines to Spartans for the show’s weekly feature.

Later, The Pact team breaks down Michigan football’s rise to success and debate on the big in-state rivalry matchup this Saturday.  Tony, Faith, Michael and Bradley all reluctantly pick MSU over UM, although they all reserved the right to change their prediction.

Finally, if there’s one thing Michigan State and Michigan fans to agree on (besides enjoying to defeat Ohio State), it’s that the Detroit Lions are a pain to watch. In the final segment, Michael Higer tries to argue that the Lions can finally get a win in their fifth game of the year against the Arizona Cardinals.

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