Episode 13: Playoffs?!?


It’s a good time to be a pro sports fan. MLB playoffs and NFL regular season are underway, and the NHL and NBA are getting ready to start. Not to mention Tiger Woods non-return, Conor McGregor is fined and intramural sports playoffs.

Zachary Swiecicki, Zane D’Souza and Ashanti Seabron break down the MLB playoffs so far. Zach humbly explains how he picked Toronto over Texas.

The Bandwagon also discusses whether or not the Detroit Tigers can realistically win with Brad Ausmus at the helm for another year.

The Lions won another game? Why is this team so inconsistent? Also, a certain podcast host correctly predicts the signing of Justin Forsett.

A new segment called “Legit or Quit” is debuted in which the guys pick a list of NFL teams and discuss if they have a shot at the playoffs, or if they should throw in the towel on the 2016 season.

Also, Zach, Zane and Ashanti’s NFL picks are finally uneven, who takes the lead after Week 5?

Hockey is back, should Red Wings fans expect to keep the playoff streak alive?

Lastly, the five-minute rundown, which includes the likes of Tony Romo, Odell Beckham Jr., Tiger Woods, Tim Tebow and Ben Simmons.